Bob and Tina Farewell married in 1979 and began home educating with the birth of the first of their five children in 1983. Though they planned to do “school at home,” God intervened by rapidly growing their business, Lifetime Books and Gifts, allowing their family to enjoy a lifestyle of learning and to travel, explore, read, think, and discover.

Bob and Tina pursue four main goals for their family: the love of Christ, the love of family and others, the love of learning, and creating a multigenerational vision.

Since 1989 the Farewells have traveled around the United States for at least six months each year speaking to thousands of families and hosting retreats, conferences, and workshops. For years, they published the Lifetime Treasures and Lifetime Entrepreneurs e-newsletters as well as numerous audio and printed resources for families, including the widely acclaimed Always Incomplete Resource Guide.

After selling Lifetime Books and Gifts in 2005, Bob and Tina founded Bringing Dads Home, a company serving fathers—assisting their “coming home” mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Bob is passionate not only about his wife Tina, but about being in the woods, working with his hands, traveling, hunting, and fishing with his children; trading stock options, and about public speaking on many subjects.

Tina loves experiencing life with her husband, reading aloud to their children, collecting great books for their huge family library, and her morning cup of coffee with Bob. She delights in sharing the trials and joys of being a woman, wife, and mother with other women, helping them realize how simple and enjoyable life with their husbands and children can be.

Bob and Tina have five children, two of whom are still learning at home—Rebecca (1992) and James (1995). Joseph (1990) is married to Alexandra, has baby girl, and seeks a career in law enforcement. Eric (1986), a professional photographer, videographer, and is married to Danielle and the daddy of a baby boy. Elizabeth (1983) married Joseph Bennett in 2001 and is mommy to a 3-year old son and baby girl.

Farewell Family HQ is a renovated old home, where the whole family gathers for once-a-week dinners. Their home is on the unique property of Chalet Suzanne, their family’s country inn, dining room, airstrip, and skydive center in beautiful Lake Wales, Florida.