I’ve been busy, though not on this website! Instead I’m focusing on Children’s Holy Day Project.

Why the change? To make the Christian feasts easily accessible to children and their families so they become lifelong habits. My young cousin, Blair Updike, and I don’t want to just raise our children, but to raise adults who are brothers and sisters in Christ and who will walk with us throughout eternity. That goal helps us concentrate on long-term relationships, not just on the little children at our knees.

We invite you to join us in our amazing journey of learning about Jesus within the seasons of the Christian year!

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by Tina Farewell

As we busy mothers fall into our beds at night, we often think, “I haven’t accomplished anything today!” Sometimes we are correct in our assumptions; we really didn’t accomplish much of anything—or else we don’t realize the magnitude of what we actually did accomplish. Yet, all of us probably wonder, “How can I accomplish more?



by Bob Farewell

It was seven o’clock on Friday night and my sixteen-year-old son invited one of his friends and me to see a movie at the mall. It looked like every teenager from three counties was hanging out there. I looked high and low, but could find only a handful of parents. I couldn’t help but feel sad for those young people who were missing a good opportunity to share their life experiences with their parents.


Parents and Experts Offer Top Book Picks for Young Readers in Christian Homes
American Family Association Journal
by Rusty Benson with Tina Farewell, contributor

Have you ever played the desert island game? It’s a great icebreaker and quite revealing about each player. The premise of the game is simple: if you were marooned on a desert island and could only have five music CDs (albums for those over 40) or movies or books, what would they be and why?

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You will laugh and cry; be comforted, yet challenged, as you listen to their encouraging words.
Ruth Beechick, Ph.D.
Best-selling author

[Bob] changed my homeschool philosophy and life. In fact, I do what I do now because of Bob Farewell.
Todd Wilson,
Familyman Ministries