Farewell to Normal

by Adam Porter is in the works!

Here’s a taste of it to whet your appetite.

Farewell Story: 20 Years, 5 Kids and a 10-Ton Tomato Box
By Adam Porter, March 2012

It’s early May in central Florida, and the air is warm and sunny. Bob Farewell greets me on the porch of his home, which sits in the shadow of the Lake Wales Ridge. We shake hands and he turns to invite me inside to meet Tina and their two younger children, 18-year-old Becca and 15-year-old James. Hinges creak as the porch door closes behind me. A bird in a nearby tree answers the call.

Bob cocks his head to listen. “Hear the whippoorwill?” He pauses. “It must be time to travel.” Read more.