We’ve probably met somewhere over the years, as we traveled America speaking and counseling families, wearing our blue Lifetime Books and Gifts aprons from 1987-2005. Since then, we have continued speaking in both the homeschool world and other venues.

We enjoy speaking as a couple—sharing our wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with families, one couple at a time and with groups large and small.

If you are interested in building marriages, encouraging families and helping them achieve a lifestyle of learning rather than “school at home,” nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, or a living history performance, we would be honored to serve you.

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Here’s what we have to offer, as well as what you can expect from us. Just click on the links below if you’d like to go right to the relevant sections.


“For more than 15 years Bob and Tina Farewell have blessed thousands of families at our Home School Book Fair in Arlington, Texas. On the speaker’s podium the Farewells are warm and transparent, sharing their family’s experiences honestly to the encouragement of all who listen. On the exhibit hall floor they seek to serve rather than to sell, diagnosing each customer’s needs and then prescribing just the right book for them, much like the family doctor. Young Christian families will always profit by the perceptive insights Bob and Tina share so untiring.”

Kirk and Beverly McCord, Directors
Hearth and Home Ministries
Home School Book Fair, Arlington, Texas

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Here are a few things that make us a bit unique!
  • We began homeschooling with the birth of the first of our five children in 1983, so we speak from long experience.
  • We can speak together as a couple or separately, presenting complementary messages. If not actually speaking together, we like to introduce each other in our workshops.
  • We are willing to address sensitive topics such as marital intimacy, a burden for many homeschool wives.
  • We are longtime successful entrepreneurs.
  • We can help families celebrate the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States with Bob’s living history performance, “Gettysburg, The Second Day,” perfect for audiences of all ages.

We’ll be happy to send you recordings of our keynote/featured addresses. We’ll also be glad to customize our talks for your group. We look forward to discussing further arrangements with you!

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All workshops are approximately 60 minutes. Please see Audio and Video page to order samples for review.

* Denotes our most requested topics.

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Living History Performance

* Gettysburg, the Second Day: A Living History Dramatization
Bob Farewell
What was the turning point in the War Between the States? Most historians identify it as July 2, 1863, the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Follow the events that transpired that day as Bob Farewell–in uniform–portrays an aging Confederate private who survived the battle of Little Round Top. Become excited about this momentous battle and the historic backdrop that would change America forever. Suitable for all ages. Produced by The Homeschool Channel. Approximately 60 minutes.

The Farewells have also been immersed in the home education movement since the formative years as homeschool parents and the owners of Lifetime Books & Gifts. They have taught their five children and counseled thousands of parents seeking to do the same. Their years in the trenches give depth and perspective to their discerning observations and godly counsel. I heartily recommend them as speakers and workshop leaders.”

~ Steve Demme, Publisher, Math-U-See

“[Bob and Tina Farewell] changed my homeschool philosophy and life. In fact, I do what I do now because of Bob Farewell. When I asked my wife who most influenced her, she mentioned Bob’s wife, Tina, as one of the people who gently steered her down the path of “life learning” instead of trying to reproduce the classroom at home.
Over the years, we’ve traveled some of the same paths and have spent some time getting to know the Farewells. In fact, I think they have so much to offer homeschooling families. … For them, I am truly thankful.”
~ Todd Wilson, FamilyMan Ministries

“I have known Bob and Tina and their wonderful children for many years. I can testify that they walk their talk. They are articulate and entertaining speakers who share from their hearts. They have much wisdom and practical experience to bless their audiences on marriage, family, homeschooling, child training and much more. You do not want to miss the chance to hear them!”
~ The late Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel, Home School Legal Defense Association

“Bob and Tina have been homeschooling pioneers and voices of wisdom for twenty years. They understand the centrality of family in God’s plan for His kingdom. They also know how to tell a good book from a bad one! This is an especially valuable skill in an age inundated with bad books. Last but not least, Bob and Tina both know how to tell a good story—homeschooling parents will enjoy listening to them speak and will profit greatly from their wisdom.”
~ Rob Shearer, Publisher, Greenleaf Press

“Over the past several years I have observed Bob and Tina as they travel the country. What I have found are real people with a down to earth message that comes from years of experience and a willingness to admit that they don’t have all the answers. I have also found them to be willing to serve others, at their expense, but above all, I have found them to be encouragers.”
~ Mark Hamby, Lamplighter Publishing

“The Farewells do more than teach homeschooling parents how to work hard to be faithful stewards of those God has placed in our care, they teach us to laugh and smile. Like the warrior Deborah (Judges 5), Tina and Bob not only show us how to fight the good fight, they teach us how to persevere with a song in our hearts.
What do I think about Bob and Tina? At 5:30 on Saturday evening, at the end of every convention, Bob and Tina are still there. Dispensing hope and needed grace. Right there, between the middle school math and high school literature section, there they stand. Smiling, crying, encouraging.”
~ Jim Stobaugh, For Such a Time as This Ministries

“We are personally and professionally grateful for your 18 years of service and sacrifice for Christian families around the country through Lifetime Books & Gifts. We know we will continue to see the fruit of your labors for decades to come. Thank you for your investment in humble lives for the glory of God!”
~ Doug and Beall Phillips, Vision Forum

“Listening to Bob’s workshop [on business] at the 2004 CHEC conference in Denver was incredibly refreshing and enlightening. I was able to utilize the information he shared immediately. I have shared the workshop CD with all of my family and with several close friends. Bob has a heart for enabling others to succeed and to take more than a teaspoon into the ocean of opportunity that God gives to each of us! Tina’s heart is apparent whenever I have seen her. Whether working with her children or with a mother looking for just the right book, her warm smile and encouraging words uplift the spirits of those around her.”
~ Dan Sinclair, Math-U-See California, Inc.

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What convention hosts are saying…

For more than 15 years Bob and Tina Farewell have blessed thousands of families at our Home School Book Fair in Arlington, Texas. On the speaker’s podium the Farewells are warm and transparent, sharing their family’s experiences honestly to the encouragement of all who listen. On the exhibit hall floor they seek to serve rather than to sell, diagnosing each customer’s needs and then prescribing just the right book for them, much like the family doctor. Young Christian families will always profit by the perceptive insights Bob and Tina share so untiring.
~ Kirk and Beverly McCord, Directors
Hearth and Home Ministries, Arlington, Texas

Bob and Tina Farewell offer heart changing words of wisdom as they lead as keynote speakers and vendors for home education events. Bob’s passion for history, family, and fatherhood are motivating and moving. Tina’s infectious smile and Godly spirit are evident in every encouraging word spoken. Mid-Winter Home Educator’s Conference of west Michigan has truly been blessed to team up with Bob and Tina and their children to influence peoples lives.
~ Valerie McDaniel, Director
Mid-Winter Conference, Michigan

Bob and Tina Farewell were guest speakers at our 2008 CHEF of Alabama Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair. Their workshops were encouraging, inspirational, and relevant. They have many practical experiences to share with today’s homeschool families. With humor and grace they are able to share the joys of being parents who are educating and discipling their children. Tina has a special gift of relating to women and takes time to minister to anyone who comes to their booth. CHEF of Alabama board families enjoyed getting to know the Farewells and look forward to having them again as speakers at our 2009 convention.
~ Rusty Tate, President
Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama

After reviewing the conference evaluation surveys, I can happily echo the sentiment that everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – was genuinely educated, encouraged, uplifted, and delighted with the presentations from you. We thoroughly appreciated your ministry among us and look forward to the time when we can serve together again. It is our prayer that the Lord will bless and keep you.
~ Phil Shackelford, President
Mississippi Home Educators Association

My heart is still singing from yesterday’s MOPS meeting. As I sat watching you and listening to your wise and loving and knowing words, I was simply overwhelmed with the privilege given these young (and old!!) moms! We were so fortunate to begin our year with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
~ Miriam Rockness, Author,
A Passion for the Impossible: Lilias Trotter
Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)
Mentor Mom, Lake Wales, Florida

Bob and Tina set the tone for our conference, especially Bob’s testimony which he shared on Friday, giving families a broader vision for what could be desired and accomplished through home education. Their confidence in home education and the fruit it bears overflowed to attendees. Dads walked away with new visions for their families, empowered to actively serve as Christ served the church and not sit on the sidelines of their homes.

Tina touched the hearts of women, encouraging women with practical ways to love their husbands, walking together through the home education of their children. During the conference I saw tears of joy and heard testimonies of refreshed understanding. Marriages took first steps toward healing. Educational philosophies were transformed. Parents challenged to walk along side their children’s God-given interests.

Bob and Tina exude encouragement, love, and confidence, not because of their experiences or successes, but because of their love for the Lord and for those who walk the paths they’ve trod. Their quiet, calming spirit blessed me as I worked to set up workshop areas and make last minute preparations. In the midst of all the busyness and set up, Bob and Tina joined my husband and I to pray for the conference and the families represented by attendees. As a conference hostess I was personally blessed by Bob and Tina’s presence and ministry.
~ Cheryl Bastion, Founder
Books and Beyond Conference, Orlando, Florida

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What attendees are saying about us…

Funny, real, passionate, encouraging, and inspiring! Inspired and practical! Fun to listen to! Contagious excitement! Please have Bob speak more!
~ From an evaluation form

LOVED the workshop she did where she shared personal things about her personal relationship with Bob and how she has committed to sacrificing some things for him. One thing I don’t think we hear enough of is the submission to our husbands theme. I loved her idea of the praise diary. Loved listening to the two of them speak together and watching how they reacted to each other and the love they have.
~ Lucee

Our children loved Bob’s Gettysburg presentation so much that they were all reading about the War Between the States today. I am trying hard to just let them go, even though in my time line we are studying the Middle Ages. This is one area where their thirst is now and I have to let them learn what is in their hearts.

I really appreciated you being so transparent and open with us ladies yesterday, Tina. The sharing of your heart blessed me so much. I found a new freedom in schooling today. My children were blessed by what I came away with after your talk. Thank you.
~ Jodi from Iowa

Your coming to speak was a great blessing to many. It was great to hear some new information and to be reminded and encouraged on things we already know. One thing that really stuck was that school should fit into your life not life into your school.
~ Lynn from Florida

You were totally transparent and your transparency was so very refreshing. It is greatly needed in the body of Christ…You spoke in truth and love and you blessed and helped more people that what you even know.
~ A woman at Tina’s Intimacy workshop

I think you need to do an “Intimacy” session everywhere you go. You do a very God-honoring job of it and it’s a topic that is desperately needed right now, since women are not being discipled at all in this area of their lives.
~ Teri from California

You have encouraged me, and brought me through trials you will never know about. Your humble heart ministers to me still. How amazing it was to see you still smiling at the end of CHEA! Thank you for encouraging me in this amazing journey! God bless you, your babies and your darling, serious husband too.
~ Sally from California

This is what I remember most about you…you touch my heart when you share
stories that you have learned about God.
~ Nancy

We really enjoyed the Farewells. It helped renew our passion for homeschooling and encouraged me to think more out of the box in our family’s program. I was amazed at the creativity used in their homeschooling. Even though we can not pick up and travel full-time, I have been actively looking for ways to “live out” homeschooling.
~ Heather

The “ministry” that I support is the Farewell family at Lifetime Books and Gifts. Here’s why: when I was just getting started on my homeschooling journey, Tina (mother Farewell) spent some very ministry-oriented time talking in length with me at their booth. While listening to her and in a lightning-bolt flash, I suddenly had a paradigm-shift in my attitude toward homeschooling…seeing it as a ministry opportunity to the children in my home rather than just focusing on the academics in what some refer to as “school at home”.
~ Jan from California

Without you all I would give up on homeschooling. To follow the world’s way of educating is so strongly emphasized that it’s almost rare these days, or almost impossible these days, to remain focused on homeschooling God’s ways…. Thanks for your wisdom.
~ Nancy from Florida

I have to say that it was much more of a blessing to us to have you and your family stay here…it was really wonderful to meet all of you. You (and your books and CD’s) have transformed our family in so many ways. Both David and I listened to Bob’s speech on the “Best Homeschool Ever” and it was really amazing. One of the biggest things that has changed in our house is TV time! For some reason, we have always been known to have at least one TV turned on, whether anyone was watching it or not! We officially turned off “the plug-in drug” and it has been amazing. In fact, since we have made a rule that only 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night will be allowed, our daughter has taken quite a role in being the “watcher” of the clock! I think our girls had the best week ever, last week, simply because no one was distracted with TV and our time was used much more wisely.
~ Rebecca

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Coming Soon.

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Bob and Tina, along with Christian friends of similar family and educational philosophy, are willing to bring our conference to your area! We can also run a separate track at a large convention. An intimate retreat is also a possibility!


We have spoken at many events. Below is a list of some of our Previous Engagements.

Thanks for considering us for your event. Please email us telling a bit about it and we’ll get back with you right away.

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Home Education Events

Alaska—Alaska Home Educators Association (AHEA)
Alabama—Christian Home Educators of Alabama (CHEF of AL)
Arizona—Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE)
Canada—British Columbia Home School Association (BCHSA)
California—Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA)
California—Valley Home Educators, Modesto (VHE)
Colorado—Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC)
Florida– Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA)
Florida—Books and Beyond Conference, Orlando
Georgia– Georgia Home Educators Association (GHEA)
Georgia—Southeast Homeschool and Education Expo (Cobb Galleria)
Indiana– Indiana Area Home Educators (IHEA)
Iowa— Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (ICHE)
Louisiana—Christian Home Educators Association (CHEF of Louisiana)
Michigan– Mid-Winter Home Educators Conference, Grand Rapids
Minnesota– Minnesota Area Christian Home Educators (MACHE)
Minnesota– Rochester Area Association of Christian Home Educators (RAACHE)
Mississippi– Mississippi Home Educators Association (MHEA)
Missouri—Southwest Home Education Ministry (SHEM)
New Mexico— Christian Association of Parent Educators (CAPE)
North Carolina—North Carolina Home Educators (NCHE)
Ohio—Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO)
Oklahoma—Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation (OCHEC)
South Carolina—South Carolina Home Educator’s Association (SCHEA)
Texas–Hearth and Home Homeschool Book Fair, Arlington
Washington—Washington Home (WHO)

Civic and Other Events

Family E-Biz by Steve and Kerry Beck
Rhea’s Education Days, Nashville, Tennessee
John Locke Society, Raleigh, North Carolina
Campbell University, Buis Creek, North Carolina
Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lake Wales, Florida
Lake Wales Women’s Bible Study, Lake Wales, Florida
Presbyterian Women of the Church, Lake Wales, Florida
Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Lake Wales, Florida

Events Produced by Bob and Tina

Living Books Retreats—The Farewells’ home & Chalet Suzanne, Florida (2002-2009)
Have Books Will Travel– Sponsored by individuals and homeschool groups all
over America
Heart of Homeschooling Conferences –With Chris and Tracy Klicka (Home School
Legal Defense Association), David and Shirley Quine (Cornerstone Curriculum
Project), and Jim and Linda Werner (Circle Christian School, Orlando)
in Texas, Arizona, and Florida

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