The Homeschool Channel Interviews Bob and Tina Farewell
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Gettysburg, the Second Day: A Living History Dramatization DVD
Bob Farewell
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What was the turning point in the War Between the States? Most historians identify it as July 2, 1863, the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Follow the events that transpired that day as Bob Farewell–in uniform–portrays an aging Confederate private who survived the battle of Little Round Top. Become excited about this momentous battle and the historic backdrop that would change America forever. Suitable for all ages. Produced by The Homeschool Channel. Approximately 60 minutes.

How to Have the Best Homeschool Ever! DVD
Bob Farewell
(This workshop is an excellent choice for a keynote workshop and is foundational for understanding our philosophy.)
Rekindle the flame of homeschooling by creating a Learning Lifestyle that involves the whole family–especially dad! You can enhance your children’s learning experiences through practical, simple lifestyle choices. Bob Farewell, homeschooling dad and co-founder of Lifetime Books and Gifts and Bringing Dads Home, is sure to make you laugh, cry, and be assured in your calling. Topics include goal setting, lifestyle adjustments, avoiding burnout, incorporating Living Books into your daily routine, and raising entrepreneurs. Produced by The Homeschool Channel. Approximately 60 minutes.

If This Is Homeschooling, Why Am I Always in the Van? DVD
Tina Farewell (I have this on DVD for you.)
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(This workshop is Tina’s most requested one. It helps mothers realize that they can homeschool their children without relying so heavily on others, if they’ll allow the home to do its work—by staying there!)
Field trips and activities can be terrific learning tools, but they sometimes get in the way of what God calls us to do. We must discern between adult peer pressure to “do everything” and God’s plan for our families. The best learning takes place in a calm, peaceful environment. Tina’s practical workshop helps you identify busy-ness versus effectiveness and teaches you how to de-clutter your life both inside and outside the home. Produced by The Homeschool Channel. Approximately 60 minutes.

The Family Heritage of Hunting DVD
Bob Farewell, Host
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Gather your ammo, put on your camo, and set out on an exciting family hunting adventure that will entertain and instruct in the rich family tradition of hunting.

In the Family Heritage of Hunting viewers participate in a range of inspiring hunting excursions across the United States. From the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, to the Hill country of Texas, to the rolling terrain of Middle Tennessee, viewers are taken on a lively journey in a variety of hunting outings.

Featuring Bob Farewell, Chris Jeub, and others, this professionally produced film covers a wide range of fundaments critical for any hunter, including hunter safety, locations scouting, hunter etiquette, tracking the kill, baiting, and more!

But more than the hunt itself, The Family Heritage of Hunting celebrates the unique opportunity a family hunting trip creates to enrich relationships of parents and children, and the life-lessons that continue from one generation to the next.

From eager expectations of tracking a kill, to the thrill of making it happen, and the significant family memories created along the way, The Family Heritage of Hunting is a great resource for instructing, inspiring, and entertaining your family. Produced by Franklin Springs Family Media. 46 minutes.

A Relationship of God’s Design: A Daughter’s Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage: A Family Affair
Bob and Tina Farewell
When Elizabeth, the Farewells’ oldest daughter, and her future husband were courting, it was truly a family affair. And when Joe asked her to marry him in the front yard at 2:00 A.M., they were being watched from the living room with binoculars! Yes, this is a serious process, but we found ways to have fun as a family. Take a look at this family-centered way to prepare for marriage. Two of the Farewells’ sons have also married and their stories will be shared as well.